Our Company

The Jackpot Fundraising Logo.

Jackpot Fundraising is a family run business with roots in both Pottsville, PA and Mifflinburg, PA. Costas Candies has been in business since 1922. By providing quality products, quality service and always keeping the end consumer in mind, we have found success.

Whether you are doing a traditional catalog or online fundraiser, our goal is to take as much of the burden of doing a fundraiser away.

You have two options for using our online platform. When using the online campaign only, the Fundraiser never handles the money or the products. The profits are sent directly to the person or organization raising funds and the products are shipped directly to your customers. You are being paid for your solicitation efforts.

Your other option is to do a Traditional Catalog fundraiser. Let us know how many Sellers you have, and we will provide you with catalogs at no cost. We will set you up with an Online account you can use to promote your fundraiser through social media and email. You can also create flyers advertising your fundraiser.

We are grateful for the opportunity for your business and will strive to make your experience a pleasant one.