How it Works

Choose How You Want to Run Your Campaign:

The Traditional Way

Sell using traditional paper catalogs

Contact or call 1-570-622-2001 to get started. You will be mailed paper catalogs and an online account will be setup to help advertise and boost sales.

The Online Way

Set up the campaign to sell through the website

Set up and manage your campaign through our website. Follow the steps below to get your campaign set up and running quickly.

Setting up an Online Campaign

Step 1

Create an account

Create an account by clicking the Get Started button. After creating your account, you’re all set to start creating your own fundraiser!

Picture of a computer screen with a cursor clicking on a button named Get Started.

Step 2

Create a campaign

Give your fundraiser a name and description. Select products to sell and set an end date. Submit your campaign for review.

Picture of a computer screen with someone filling out the field for the name of their fundraising campaign with the words MY Cool Fundraiser.

Step 3

Share your campaign

Upon approval you will receive a link to share with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, and through email. By following the link, they can start purchasing items to support your cause.

Picture of a computer screen with a cursor clicking on the mail icon to share their fundraiser with everyone. There is also a Facebook and Twitter icon next to the mail icon.

Step 4

Products are shipped and you collect the profits

We ship the products to your supporter and send you the profits. You never handle the product! You only receive the funds!

Picture of someone's hands holding money earned from their fundraiser.